1.1 the 2-5-1 progression

The sound that defines Jazz is the 2-5-1 chord progression. We will cover these progressions from their simplest root position and discover the secrets of finger efficiency. From there we will build a toolbox of ever advancing chord progressions including rootless and altered chord types.

shapes and patterns

In this lesson you will see that although you are playing the 2-5-1 chord progression from Dm to G7 to C maj - see how all the chords are the same shape? This makes it much easier to remember the progression, and you can now focus on moving the right hand into the correct position with a locked hand shape rather than what notes to play. You will find that shapes and patterns play a big part in learning jazz chords.

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fantastic fingers

These exercises will build finger strength and control. They are tried and true standing the test of time. Start with each hand played separately, then try them with both hands together.

Play the exercises in each key as you build confidence - always use the fingering as written and play slowly and smoothly.

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