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IMPORTANT UPDATE - Version 2.0 of the myJazz app is almost ready for release - We decided to put all our effort into a new app format to take advantage of the iPad more fully - Yikes!, it was more challenging for a couple of piano palyers than we thought! - We couldn't have done it without our newest team member JED the tech dude, and touchwood we are nearly there

We are excited to share some of the improved features - The most significant thing is that we have created what we call the HOST app that all lessons fit into, and added in-app purchasing to replace the VOLUMES that we have currently

We have refomated the videos to add chord changes, and you can now SLIDE screens from the video lesson to PDF support without interuption, and from the PDF you can slide to the web based tips and insights relavent to each lesson - This is much cooler!

In musical terms we talk in GRADES when learning Piano and over the last year we have been asked to make our lessons GRADED - So with this next release of the app the lesson PDFs are now graded and identified by colour - RED for grade one and YELLOW for grade two etc - We agree with you that its a great idea and it will certainly enable you to get your BLACK BELT in Jazz piano!

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